Robert Bell

Obituary of Robert Bell

"Hi Friend!

"If you're bothering to read this, you are someone I passed on my journey through this world. I hope I touched your life in a way that left a lasting gift in your spirit. Please know that you left a lasting gift with me. Thank you for loving me, and for accepting me, with all my ornery-teasing character.

"During this life I saw the depths of hell, and experienced the exhilaration of heaven. I had the advantage of living as a single man for sixty years, traveling the world and participating in many lives and extraordinary challenges. What a blessing. In my old age I got to have a wife, a home, and you, my friends, my family. Thanks to your love, wounds of many years have been healed.

"I never seemed to run out of things to do, and I wasn't done with everything yet, but it was time for me to go. It just is, What it Is.

"I won the race, as we all eventually do. It was sweet peace to transition, a perfect ending to a full lifetime, in Mary's arms, in my sleep.

"I will be around, in spirit, so don't let it startle you when I pop in to say 'hi'. It's just me, reminding you that eternal life isn't something you 'get' – it's something you HAVE. Live it well, my friends.

"So, I'm sending you my love, my heart of joy, and my best wishes and prayers for the future.

"Peace be with you. Live in Love, my Friends."

Bobby Bell


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