The essence of a greener funeral is a reduction in environmental impact.  Many people find that a more natural funeral is also more meaningful for the mourners.  Among the options for a greener funeral is the use of biodegradable funeral products (caskets and urns) made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials that minimize the impact on the planet.

Families choosing cremation can take additional steps to make the process more eco-friendly, beginning with the use of eco-friendly caskets.  Cremated remains may be placed in urns made from materials that break down naturally in the earth, such as bamboo, cornstarch or sustainably-produced handmade paper.  We at Rosenau Funeral Home offer a wide variety of eco-friendly caskets for burial or cremation as well as urns made from biodegradable materials.  Many conventional cemeteries and memorial parks have designated areas exclusively for green burial, so be sure to ask what options might be available to you.